I am a business, company, brand and/or other individual who wants to join the GG Network and start finding creatives? What is GG Network for Businesses and how do I get on?

The Girlgaze Network is a multi-sided platform, meaning you as a business can join the Girlgaze Network and start connecting with and engaging our creative community directly.  How do you get access?  You subscribe and become part of the GG Network community, that’s how.  Learn more about our Girlgaze Network for Businesses offering here.

If you already know you want to join and would like to schedule a demo and speak with one of our sales people about subscribing and onboarding, please fill out this form to schedule a demo , and a member of our team will get back to you ASAP to work with you to get your subscription and account set up ASAP.

Check out some of the businesses already using the Girlgaze Network right on our homepage.