Photo: Nadira
Founded in 2017
The Girlgaze Foundation

Funding emerging female and non-binary creative talent

Girlgaze began as a social media movement with over 750,000 submissions and has grown into the first network dedicated to providing creative females and non-binary creatives paid job opportunities.

On an annual basis we will be providing grants to fund emerging female creatives. Through the donations made by Warby Parker, Athena Rising and many others we have already funded multiple projects and will continue to do so.

Girls We've Funded
Amaal Saad, 21 <br>New York City

Amaal Saad, 21
New York City

Bree Holt, 19 <br>London
Director / Photographer

Bree Holt, 19

Amaal Saad, 21 <br>Los Angeles

Amaal Saad, 21
Los Angeles

Bree Holt, 19 <br> London
Director / Photographer

Bree Holt, 19

  • How do I apply?

    Please contact us by emailing us

  • Who can apply?

    If you identify as a girl (or gender non-conforming) then you can apply.

  • I live abroad, can I still apply to the foundation?

    Hell yeah. We are international, so feel free to apply!

  • What is the Girlgaze Foundation’s purpose?

    To empower and support the next generation of female photographers and creatives by creating and providing grants, programs and other opportunities.