I am an accepted Creative User, what are the suggested specs for images as I update my portfolio?

Making sure that your portfolio is update and includes a good sampling of your professional work is one of the most crucial factors that will determine whether or not businesses will want to click on your profile and potentially invite you to apply to or submit for their gig. Not to mention, you can’t even apply or submit for a gig without a completed profile and portfolio.

When creating projects and/or otherwise uploading images to your profile, here’s some guidelines that will help:

  • Use high-res photos for best results.  If the quality of your images are not good, they won’t look good displayed on your GG Network profile either.
  • Use the right proportions.  Your images are displayed at 1440px width in the detailed view and 300px width in the list view.
  • Especially if you’re not a photographer, use the project functionality and create commentary to go with your project. Businesses looking for creative talent need to know what your role was and the more detail they have the better.
  • If you’re adding a video URL to a project, don’t forget that you need to add an image first.  This initial image functions like your title card and is what comes up in search and elsewhere.


And if you have any issues, you can always reach out to Good luck!!