Is there a cost for Creatives to apply or use the Girlgaze Network?

There is no cost to Creatives for applying or using the Girlgaze Network.  Please go here for more info and to apply.  Make sure that you include an Instagram profile or personal website that includes a good sampling of your professional work.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL BE ACCEPTED.

If there are any features, functionality and/or other add-ons in the future that we offer at a cost to Creatives, such things will be subject to the additional terms provided at the time of purchase.

Additionally, certain features and functionality on the Girlgaze Network may be exclusively available only to the extent that you have purchased a Girlgaze Network for Businesses subscription (e.g., features such as posting jobs, seeing certain contact info, etc.) and are subject to additional terms provided at the time of purchase.  With that said, we know many of our Girlgaze Network creatives may be in a position to subscribe and create opportunities, and we love that, so if at any point you would like to set up a paid GG Network for Business subscription (for commercial use), just contact us here.

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